DS Series Shears

Mobile Scrap and Demolition Shears Series DS are useful supporters on a scrap yard and demolition site. They will be profitably used for demolition of steel constructions, scrapping of motor vehicles, railway carriages, ships, vessels, tanks, cutting of big vehicle tires, processing of industrial- and mixed scrap, cable cutting, cutting of steel wires, railway rails, concrete and concrete reinforcement.

The following 10 points are important, because they document the advantages of these shears.


1. Cylinder swivel bearing (to be lubricated) compensate possible torsional forces.

2. Reverse built in hydraulic cylinder with oil supply via the piston rod. When the shear arm is closing the thick-walled cylinder tube moves outwards and the piston rod remains in the housing. Therefore the piston rod is perfectly protected against damages.

3. Large dimensioned shearing arm bearing. Therefore, only a small wear of pin and bushing is present.

4. Strong shear arm made of wear resistance fine grain steel with reinforcing plates on both sides, which serve as wearing plates.

5. Front cutter, Wear cutter and Wear tip in interaction enable the cutting of thin-walled material, components, tanks, carriage superstructures, motor vehicles, buses and similar materials.

6. Wearing tip enable an easy penetration of the shear arm through steel structures, tank walls, ship walls, vessel walls or large diameter pipes.

7. Main cutters can be turned 4 times.

8. Front and Side cutters prevent a shear arm jamming extensively.

9. Housing made of strong fine grain steel.

10. High stress resistant rotation system with a 1800 swivel range. Because of this every working position will be quickly and precisely reached. Here it is very important that even heavy loads can be lifted and moved with the shear mouth to any position. Shears with a 360 rotation system can do this only under restricted conditions. Because, slewing rings can only absorb small tipping loads and can break under high loads in the horizontal working position.

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