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Concrete Pulverizer

The Concrete Pulverizer Series P have all necessary features to work in a profitably way and in the line with market requirements. They will be used for demolition of reinforced concrete, ceilings, supports or similar material and everywhere where a quiet and vibration-free work is necessary. Furthermore, the Concrete Pulverizer Series P are perfectly suitable for recycling and pulverising of broken off concrete. Because of all these features the Concrete Pulverizer Series P is a useful supporter on a demolition site and recycling yard.

1. Cylinder swivel bearing (to be lubricated), compensate possible torsional forces.

2. Reverse built in hydraulic cylinder with oil supply via the piston rod. When the crushing arm is closing the thick-walled cylinder tube moves out-wards and the piston rod remains in the housing. Therefore the piston rod is perfectly protected against damages.

3. Large dimensioned crushing arm bearing. Therefore, only a small wear of pin and bushing is present.

4. Strong crushing arm made of wear resistance fine grain steel.

5. Two crushing tooth rows with ever 3 replaceable teeth. The crushing tooth are arranged in the same level and can be rebuild again.

6. Three crushing tooth rows with ever 3 replaceable teeth, which can be rebuild again. The middle crushing tooth row is arranged on a higher level than the crushing tooth rows at the sides.

7. Integrated shear consisting of 2 shear cutters with 4 cutting edges to cut the concrete reinforcing.

8. Housing made of strong fine grain steel.

9. Hydraulic rotary drive can be turned 360. Because of this fact the Concrete Pulverizer Series P can be moved very fast in each working position which is needed. This feature makes a faster working possible.

10. Mounting plate for mounting bracket or quick coupler to the excavator.

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