Rail Cutter

The Mobile Rail Cutter RC 26 R is a special development for the controlled demolition of rail systems and for the scrap preparation of railway lines. More than 20 years experience in shear manufacturing guarantees a high quality level and lead to a huge availability.

All current Vignol rails (flat bottom rails) of the profile size "S 7" to "R 65" with a maximum profile height of 180 mm (7.1 in) can be cut in easy way into short and blast furnace suitable parts shorter than 1 m (39,4 in). Thereby an hour output can be achieved from 10 t to 15 t.

To achieve the optimal work efficiency the Mobile Rail Cutter should be fitted onto the dipper stick of an adequate heavy excavator. Because of this the necessary stability and a good handling is ensured. The optimal work efficiency will supported by the high stress resistant rotation system with a 1800 swivel range. Thereby every working position will be quickly and precisely reached. Thus the Mobile Rail Cutter RC 26 R provides a useful and valuable service for the controlled demolition of rail systems and the scrapping of railway lines.

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